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Une Pluie d’étoiles sur nos chefs

Did you know ? MGallery in France has 4 starred restaurants.


Four MGallery hotels feature in the latest Michelin guide, a prestigious list that recognizes the very best dining establishments throughout France.

Thomas Vonderscher of Le Cénacle at La Cour des Consuls Hotel & Spa, a distinctive venue in the heart of Old Toulouse. Christophe Dufossé of La Maison Dufossé La Table at La Citadelle in Metz, a hotel filled with character and authenticity. Jerôme Ryon of La Barbacane at Hôtel de la Cité in Carcassonne, a remarkable historical site. Johan Thyriot of Le 1912 at the Cures Marines hotel in Trouville, a legendary seaside resort.


MGallery culinary competition

On 20 March 2019, MGallery France organized a culinary competition to showcase the young talent who ply their craft in the brand's restaurants. Based on the same concept as TV cooking contests, 9 contenders faced off before a jury of starred chefs led by Amir Nahai, general manager for Food & Beverage at Accor. The contest had some touch-and-go moments, but the results were high in flavor!

The 1st edition, 9 contenders, 3 winners (2 of whom are women)

Laure Nogara, 1st station chef at La Citadelle hotel in Metz

Amandine Fevre, 1st station chef at Molitor hotel in Paris

Andrew Mah Chen Wei, station chef at Hôtel de la Cité in Carcassonne


"I am the one who puts in the miles, not my ingredients."

At Le 1912, you will not find signature dishes. I'm in the habit of renewing my recipes each season. Over the years, I have explored various regions, countries and cultures with very different culinary approaches or ingredients. Scallops from Toyoura in Japan have neither the same flavor nor texture as those harvested from the Baie de la Seine in Trouville. Here in Le 1912, you will not find Kobe beef or Gamberoni alla Genovese, but rather Normandy lamb and local langoustine. "I am the one who puts in the miles, not my ingredients." Only a few products with no Normandy equivalent are allowed into my kitchen. This journey of initiation into gastronomy has allowed me to discover another facet of my cuisine: fresh herbs and rare peppercorns. My collection has grown throughout the years, and today more than 80 species of aromatics are found in my greenhouses, and already 30 varieties of true and false peppers season my dishes on a daily basis. Why pepper? Well, it is by far the ingredient that has had the most impact on me. I discovered it while putting together a menu of wintry flavors. At that time of year, fresh herbs are scarce. So, for a chef to extract the most flavors out of a dish, I had to find an alternative. And that was how I discovered the glories of peppercorns. Their tastes vary depending on their growing conditions and their ripeness. As with the four seasons, they go from green in springtime, red in summer, orange in autumn and, finally, black or white in winter. Herein lies the very core of my career – this retelling of the ancient story between nature and humanity.


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